Selasa, 23 November 2010

a lil present :')

At a night when i was galau, i talked to her.
She throw away all of her task, just to listen for a while.
A simple attention and a heart that wiling to care,
make me feel better.
She blessed me with her presence, her words, and
she give me an email saying like this :

We can envy others who have someone to love
But what we have is better because our love comes from up above

We may not have someone to physically hold
But we have God who will never leave us alone

Many times at night I wonder, when that day will be
When I will have somebody to make me happy

In the meantime I’ll just wait, sit and contemplate
Of how this love will be, so precious and great

So don’t envy those who has someone now
Our day will come, someday, somehow…

Thank you so much for being my bestie, and for the blessing that i got.
God bless you, my dear friend! :')

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